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At DYE IT BLACK we know how frustrating it is when your favourite pair of jeans fade to grey or your perfect sweater is looking less than perfect. You love black...it should be BLACK ...!

Or maybe you wear black for work and maybe after so much washing, now the black is faded, grey and dull...

We specialize in dyeing items to black ... ONLY BLACK. If it was black, it can be again ... and if it wasn't black, why not make it black?

Re-new your clothing, re-fresh your wardrobe, re-cycle and while you're at it, save some landfill space.

Questions about our professional dyeing service? CONTACT or check out our SERVICE page to see what we can do for you !

get shopping...

Not only are we trying to save some of your clothing, but we're also supporting our local economy and we know that shopping is FUN...

We are absolutely certain that you LOVE the colour black as much as we do!
Take a look at our ALL CANADIAN SHOP for inspired items, in the colour black of course, by Canadians for you...



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